Hey y’all, my name is Nicholas Kalev and I am a senior here at App. I am the first first-generation American in my family (Bulgarians) and have lived in both the swamps and mountains of North Carolina. I started reffing soccer when I was 14 and now have been reffing D1 college soccer for a couple of years now. Soccer is definitely the first sport I grew up with and most surrounded by. I started watching football in 2011 when Cam Newton got drafted. I had a little interest in basketball when I was smaller in daycare (the older kids in middle and high school taught me), but my junior and senior years in high school on and especially when I came to App, basketball grew to my favorite sport to play. I never played baseball seriously, but it was a solid part of my life from playing catch with my elderly neighbor, watching the Cubs play during the summer on WGN’s cable channel, to it being a solid conversation piece throughout my life.