Thanks for choosing to take HIS 3310 “Sports & the Making of the Americas.” I truly hope this is an exciting course and worth your time!

This semester, we will explore how sports shape how people see themselves. The construction of identities across the Americas is the central focus of this course, but not the only one. By using sports as our lens, we will discover the transnational history of the Americas and explore the bonds/ties/connections across various regions, nations, and peoples.

What to do before the semester begins?

Take time to explore the different sections of this website. The graphic-style course syllabus offers basic information about the course, but the website contains all the detailed information (a link to the .pdf version of the course syllabus is located on the About page of this website).


  • Syllabus: Come to class on Jan 17 with any questions.
  • Readings: The Readings page is the total list, but you will not read everything. Instead, the class will be divided into 4 groups by the end of Week 01, and you will only need to read selections marked as “All” or your group (i.e. “Group C”). Some weeks, you will choose one reading from 2+ selections.
  • Books: We have three course textbooks, all of which have digital access as rentals. You will choose one book (Futbolera, Soccer in Ciudad Ju├írez, or Raceball) to read this semester and compete the “Book Club” assignment.

WordPress & Zotero: Over the next few weeks, I will help you get started with the WordPress Course Website, and offer a Zotero 101 tutorial. I want to make sure you are comfortable with both technologies no later than by Week 02.

See you on the field! – Prof. Sibaja