hey everyone my name is Landon Atwell, I am a criminal justice major from Monroe, NC. I enjoy almost every sport but my favorite are soccer, pro wrestling, tennis, and football. I have played soccer my whole life and was named after Landon Donovan as I was born right after the 2002 World Cup and the US had just made the Quarterfinals. My favorite player right now is Kevin De Bruyne and am a big Atlanta United fan. My favorite thing about sports is the reactions of the crowd and the commentators, we really don’t have many other things other than sports where close to a hundred thousand people get together and very few things bring out the emotions that sports do. The picture below is Paulo Dybala’s introduction to Roma, it really blew my mind this many people would show up for a player who hadn’t even touched the ball for their team yet, and highly recommend that you watch the video. ​​​​​Thousands of Roma fans give Paolo Dybala spine-tingling welcome | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports