Hello, my name is Wesley Dabek. I am in my junior year at Appalachian State, and I am majoring in Applied and Public History. I am from Raleigh, North Carolina and I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although I am from America, my family is Polish and I am a second generation American, so my heritage means a lot to me. I even have the Polish eagle tattooed on my shoulder! Some of my favorite hobbies are hiking, watching/playing sports, going to local events in town, and spending time with my friends. I chose to take this class because two of my biggest interests are sports and history. My favorite sports teams are the Carolina Panthers, Poland international soccer, Charlotte FC, App State, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Carolina Hurricanes, probably in that order. My favorite athletes are Cam Newton, Brian Burns, Robert Lewandowski, Wojchiech Szczesny, and Karol Swiderski. Although I have recently made an effort to attend at least one Panthers game per year, we unfortunately have a record of 2-7 with me in attendance. I played a lot of basketball and baseball growing up, but my favorite sports to watch are football and soccer. Although most of my teams are very sad, the Panthers, Charlotte FC, and the Poland international football squad all have bright futures and I cannot wait to see what comes!