Thank you for choosing to enroll in HIS 3310! I am excited to begin unpacking the wide world of sports with you, and hopefully you’ll learn some new aspects that will make you think more deeply about athletic events.

As a sports historian, I still enjoy watching games and following the latest news. However, the more I research sports, the more you see their ugly inner workings. FIFA is an obvious case, but the IOC, NFL, NCAA, and NBA aren’t too far behind.

Still, following sports is a habit that’s hard to give up. Sport is human drama (or soap opera)— it thrills and excites us and sometimes leaves us quite depressed. Thankfully, on December 18 I was beyond the moon seeing Messi & Co. secure Argentina’s third World Cup.

One great perk of being a sport historian is that I (partly) conduct field research by attending matches …

stadium picture Argentina
A “research” site: Argentinos Juniors’ stadium (Buenos Aires, Argentina)