The history of sports has been full of surprises, new beginnings, and well.. now pandemics. Sports can be described and seen in many ways, but we only know from what is talked about everyday. We don’t know what is deep down in the record books. We don’t know who was the best or worse when sports started to get popular. Why not? Most people only want to know about the basics, who won last year, five years ago. It is mind blowing to see how one country can be identified for their sport, but even crazier how one’s past can be erased. After reading these articles I was surprised to see how some sports started up, but even more surprised for the actual results. 

This week I really enjoyed reading all three articles which all regard something new. One I enjoyed the most was “Pastor Keeps History of Storied U.S. Club Bethlehem Steel Alive by Stanley Kay, which was about one of the most successful soccer programs in the early 1900s. Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club was a unique soccer club that were apart of many championships and wins. But, who were they? A Pennsylvania pastor named Daniel Paul Morrison has helped identify just who this club was. An unofficial historian of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club, Morrison, has found great research of this team and their past. Growing up, Morrison knew very little of his uncles, Bobby and Joe, who had played for soccer for a team in Bethlehem. It made Morrison itch to find out more about his ancestors, so he went deeper. Morrison was shocked to find out the result of his research. His uncles played for this team, with one (Bobby) being inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame. The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club was a powerhouse. Racking up titles, which included U.S. Open Cups, and league championships. This club was different. I’m not the biggest soccer fan but this sure is interesting. How crazy is it to know that we are JUST now learning about this team. It makes me wonder about any other powerhouse team that has been left in the dust even if it isn’t soccer. Morrison should be very satisfied with his time during this research. 

Another article I found interesting was 1934: USA vs. Mexico and the “little truck” by Ed Farnsworth. I found it really cool that the United States had played and beat Mexico in the 1934  World Cup. Although they would not defeat Mexico again for another 46 years, the US had one hell of a time then. I think it’s really cool to learn about new things regarding sports, especially those that have been forgotten. This weeks reading was very easy and enjoyable to go through. Optimistically, I hope this isn’t the end of learning about the few powerhouses and teams that have been forgotten throughout history. 

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  1. Hello Ramon!
    I liked your blog post for a plethora of many reasons, namely your focus on the importance of sports rather than the wins and loses within a season. Just like you I think that every sport and every game has its own story to tell between each game or season. It is fascinating to read these articles and truly see the different aspects of sports history that have been lost with time. Namely the article about Bethlehem Steel, such an overwhelming level of dominance from one team within that fifteen year time span just lost to time. I will always be surprised by the passage of time and what that can do to history, it truly shows the importance of historians and the job of bringing lost history to modern days light. Bethlehem Steel soccer team produced numerous U.S Soccer National Hall of Fame players yet we are just learning about this club! It was mesmerizing to read about the discovery of this program by a single man, Daniel Morrison who was just a pastor interested in the old team his great uncles once played for. We both agree on how early soccer history is so rich and interesting to learn about, namely the lost aspects of soccer history in the United States. In another post I wrote about how the 1934 U.S mens World Cup soccer team winning over the favorite Mexico should be celebrated and discussed on the same level as the 1980 ‘Miracle on Ice’ although, it has nearly been lost to time. I think soccer has so much to offer to American sports folklore yet, its early history is seemingly forgotten. I really enjoyed your post and look forward to the discussions this week because you brought up numerous good points!

  2. Hey Ramone!

    I totally agree with you that it is crazy how a history can simply be erased. It is insane to think that something that had such a huge impact at one point or another could fall into a meaningless hole and almost become nothing. Luckily, we are humans and each of us is so unique with the topics that we are interested in. When someone finds a history to be very interesting, it can revive an almost forgotten history, topic, or idea. Its crazy when people dedicate their time to bringing back such a history, but they are so important to keeping history alive.

  3. Ramon, I really appreciate your analysis of the Bethlehem Steel piece. The article raises concerns about how much of sports history can be very easily lost or somehow brought back up for future generations to enjoy. Great stuff.

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