In “The Pride of Havana: A History of Cuban Baseball” Roberto Echevarria talks about the impact of baseball in Cuba. He mentions how similar the rise of baseball was in Cuba compared to the rise of Baseball in the United states of America. It always seems no matter where baseball lands, baseball has the whole “National pastime” gimmick and this certainly was no different in Cuba. In Cuba that was a sport similar to baseball there so them adapting to baseball isn’t that much of a stretch though, this sport is more closer linked to tennis than to Baseball. Also, he mentioned that Baseball was able to connect all Cubans together no matter what social/political unrest was happening in Cuba.

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  1. Evan,
    One thing that should be mentioned is that just how much baseball brought Cuba together. From all of the unrest you mentioned in your post, these people faced so many different wars and outside influences pulling the country in different ways. Thankfully, they still came closer together. Its amazing how sports is able to bring us together. One thing that should be mentioned is how baseball also helped shape Puerto Rico. It helped grow college and high school sports throughout the country and eventually leading to a YMCA be established. All of this combined allowed for baseball and other sports to grow and even continue to grow with WW2 going on. Nothing was stopping it from exploding. It makes one wonder how much sports is engrained in our hearts and minds?

  2. Evan,
    Well done on this post I did a reading on Baseball in Puerto Rico and can see the similar rise through American influence. War and World affairs stick Americans in many countries all over the planet and with a generation of fight after fight our country has held bases in several countries near the US. With these world affairs spread of American sports have inserted an influence on these countries and I think this is the case based on your blog about Cuba. The social and political unrest was the major underlying theme of the reading and I think baseball just played the role of distraction.

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