Week 07 Readings

For this weeks reading, we get to dive into the history of a sport that has been known as, “America’s favorite pass time,” the sport of baseball. Baseball has seen to be ingrained in the life of Americans and appears to be an American sport, but what many don’t realize is the international love that baseball has. From Japan to Central America, these countries have produced some of the best baseball players, the world has ever seen and is beloved by some many. With the Park piece, we get to see how thanks to the Spanish American war and Manifest Destiny, the spread of American influence over Puerto Rico. With the Gonzalez piece, we get to see the growth of baseball in Cuba and the influence it had there. Both countries had a great deal of influence from the United States thanks to the previously mention of Spanish American war. Eventually, the game would grow in both countries. For Puerto Rico, Park tells us that the foundation of the University of Puerto Rico allowed for college athletics to come and help get many people involved. As the college game began to grow, so did high school and other levels of the game. Then comes the YMCA, who tried to go international with sports. Park tell us that the YMCA wasn’t as influential in Puerto Rico but still managed to push the sport. Even with the onset of WW2 baseball and other sports grew in Puerto Rico. In Cuba, baseball grew before the Americans even arrived. Established around 1870, the Cuban people began to adopt the American sport and play their own games. Throughout Cuba’s change in government, social unrest, wars, and other forces, baseball would still continue to grow and have a root in Cuban nationalism. Baseball in Cuba would eventually grow into rivalries between Havana and Almendares. This rivalry would stay at the core of Cuban baseball and shape it throughout the 19th century. These two factors would help propel baseball and help build the professional leagues in Cuba. Both Puerto Rico and Cuba have rich history and influence in the world of Baseball. Both the countries and the sport has been shaped by outside forces, but have allowed for later generations to thrive in the sport. The rise of baseball has allowed a new found pride for these countries and has helped the way these countries view sports.

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  1. Riley,
    Great post got the basic summary and information of the reading from your post and even some additional information along with it. Seems like you have a liking for baseball and a real knowledge of the sport. Sports impact on the world can be major when it comes to helping people cope with the war time World. Cuba and Puerto Rico both have a major impacts on Baseball today and both countries seem to produce insane talent.

  2. Riley,
    I loved your analysis of these readings and I love the passion and knowledge you bring in to your summary. I can tell that you really have a strong passion for the sport of baseball and your analysis reflects that. I also agree with Riley that Cuba and Puerto Rico produce some of the greatest baseball players and the talent that comes from those countries are absolutely mind-blowing and crazy! Great work my friend!

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