This weeks readings were very interesting and cool to learn about. Flying, Flirting, and Flexing: Charmion’s Trapeze Act , Sexuality, and Physical Culture at the Turn of the Twentieth Century, by Bieke Gils, and We Were Ladies, We Just Played Like Boys: African American Women and Competitive Basketball at Bennett College, 1928-1942, by Patrick Miller. Flying, Flirting, and Flexing was my favorite to read about. It was about a woman named Lavarie Vallee, who was very popular artist for using the trapeze bar. Vallee, or “Charmion” was filled with fame for her moves, body, and her desire to change how women were viewed. Her muscular body caught many individuals attention, gasping for her entertainment and looks. She was considered really beautiful and attractive, but her body kept her back and seen as weird/strange. Charmion knew her body could catch this attention so she took advantage,  disrobing before events, providing her view. It was frown upon, as women during this time had much of their body covered up, with no say. I did not know Charmion was very muscular until our zoom call. I continued to look through google and other websites to come upon many pictures of her spectacular build. It makes me think of how women today feel about this topic. For example, Serena Williams is a very athletic and great athlete, but she known for her strong and powerful style of play. The criticism she takes goes out of this world, with many people judging her for her broad shoulders and arms.  Although women have a hard time pleasing others for their appearance, it doesn’t take away the fact that they are great athletes and humans. 

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