Appalachian State football is very well known for beating Michigan in maybe the biggest upset in college football history but they have become much more than that in recent years. This famous game will always be associated with Appalachian but we have built it to a far better team than just a one hit wonder and they have put their names on the map for one of the better teams in college football. In the last 5 years there aren’t many teams that have more wins than App and we have had success in bowl games as well. Appalachian has built a very successful team and also counted to beat top their teams like last year against Texas A&M and getting our first college game-day in history.

This progress has been great for App but they need to count to grow and take that next step and get ourselves in that top 25 ranking during the season. In recent years we have had draft picks in almost every draft and lost many good players and this season will be a sort of rebuilding year with a new quarterback as well as some defensive positions and skill players. This will be a great test this year of how good of a team we have actually became and prove we are a team that can contend with the best.

Football has grown tremendously at App and they break records for attendance every year and hope to continue to grow their program. This team has fought their way up the ladder and now has to take one last step to be one of the best in the country. Will they make that happen, nobody really knows but we shouldn’t count them out.

Ethan Young