“Machine Gun Molly’ was a player for the Iowa Hawkeyes in 1980 and she dropped 54 points verses Minnesota in a game. She had a really good jump-shot and would shoot of the dribble a lot. When the National Women’s Basketball Committee was created in 1899 they made rules that prevented physical contact and games and limited dribbling. These rules forced players to have a good jump-shot which was very good for Molly Bolin. This jump-shot first game was very popular in women’s basketball and became very popular among the sport as a whole. During this time the NBA was a center dominated league with a lot of inside scoring and mid range jumpers.

A new wave of basketball would begin with an undersized guard who also had to get creative in how to score in the game of basketball. Wardell Stephen Curry was a guard that was undersized in college and early in his NBA career he found a new way to score in the NBA, the three point line. He changed the game of basketball by shooting more three than anybody else and being one of the best at making them as well. He had one of the best jumpers in basketball and thats why the article compares him to Molly because of the similar way they scored the ball. Curry changed the game of basketball and became one of the most influential basketball players of all time because of his greatness and being one of the best shooters of all time.

Both of these players had a similar skill set and both changed their game because of what they could do one the court. They both were controversial figures at times because they strayed from the normal and that makes people dislike them but these players were very important for basketball and its growth in the world.

Ethan Young