This article talks about the struggles the MLB had with Covid-19 and how it effected there season as a whole in universities as well. In 2020 many sports were canceled or suspend and this also effected the MLB because they had a very short season of only sixty games and completely canceled the minor league system which effected many minor league players. This season caused many problems for baseball because of the spreading of the virus and the approaches they took to try and prevent it in the teams clubhouses. They took a “bubble” approach like the NBA but with the sixty game season is still a long time for many players to take this bubble approach and caused problems for many problems.

One main issue they had was no spring training so the players weren’t ready for the season and this caused increased injures and lower performance from some players. Another problem was the complete cancellation on minor league ball because it set back many young prospects from being able to play the game which really effected their development. This has still effected some of those players today years later and maybe ruined some careers of players which is very unfortunate.

These problems existed for every sport but baseball had a very hard time dealing with this as a whole and maybe lost some popularity and talent because if they way they handled in. Baseball has been very active it changing the game recently and wants to grow it again in America to maybe reclaim the title of Americas game.

Ethan Young