My digital/final project is on how sports have impacted Cleveland, Ohio. This video looks at the history of Cleveland, the change in its identity, and how professional sports teams impact the city economically. The video examines the economic impacts of Lebron James, Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland Browns affect Cleveland as a whole, and its downtown area.

I picked the video format because I felt as though it would be the best way to convey my topic. There is a lot of information to be told on how sports impact any city, and there is still on-going conversation about how these teams impact Cleveland. The discussion is surely to continue for a long time, in my video I aimed to summarize the discussion, Cleveland’s history, and the colossal importance of Lebron James and the Cleveland Browns have to this midwestern city. This video is intended for general audiences, and a lot of information is told throughout the five minute video. I like to look at my video as a quick synopsis of the sports discussion going on in Cleveland today.

I hope you all enjoy!

When beginning my project, I was unsure of the topic. I went back and forth between a few but was never satisfied. This led me to look up the most important sports events of all time. As I looked at the many results, one caught my eye that was included in many of the lists. This was when Tony Hawk landed the 900 at the 1999 X Games. As I dove into the topic and my research, I came upon the discovery of not only Tony Hawk’s fame, but his influence and impact on the world through skateboarding.

This website was created with Omeka. It was used to insert images and videos into collections to highlight the life of Tony Hawk, his achievements, and his influence on the world. My sources include Britannica, YouTube, and many news/journal articles. This project aims to highlight the importance of Tony Hawk and his life on others.

The first collection describes the early life of Tony Hawk. The next are images of Tony Hawk and his career, along with his achievements and awards. Then, the influence of the video game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. And finally, the impact Tony Hawk still has today with his own companies and efforts.

Here is the link to the website:

My digital project is about professional hockey moving into the North American South. The project looks at why hockey franchises in the South struggled to stay afloat in the NHL by examining attendance, record, and ownership. My project is posted on my website which you can access via the link. If you end up at my home page click the header “Sports History Digital Project”. There you will see my timeline and my sources.