Final Project- Canadian Hockey Riley Price

At the beginning of my research, I had a quite love of hockey as a whole. During my childhood I would go to semi-professional hockey games in South Carolina with my dad and I grew to love the sport. Growing up, I fell out of love for hockey but still found it to be quiet and interesting sport. I never knew until I was older that this sport was was originally a Canadian sport. The sport itself began in the late 1800’s at a small university in Canada called McGill university. This sport on a massive frozen lake with some skates and a few wooden sticks would grow into one of the largest and nationally played sports in the world. Hockey itself had some origination with some indigenous peoples but seem to be lost to the ages until it became mainstream in Canada after its “founding”. Hockey was played originally outside in open sheets of ice to the more famous stadiums we now know today. Hockey in Canada was able to unite the country as leagues and clubs were popping up all over the place, inspiring everyone of all ages to want to play. Hockey itself seem to become the everyman’s sport as the whole country seemed to play. My research led to me to see how Canada was able to dominate across the board in both the NHL and the Olympics other the years and even having their own version of the Miracle on Ice when they defeated the Soviets. Of course my research also led me to how COVID affected Canadian sports, much like it did the rest of the world. From merger means at small Canadian university, hockey in Canada and the world was able to bring both me and women into this game and show they both can dominate equally. The topic of Canadian hockey, gives us a few of not just how a sport grew into a world wide game, but how it became a part of national identity and sport that brought everyone together, with no gender or social barriers. We get to see how two world wars, the cold war, and even a global pandemic brought a nation together to play the sport they love and distract them from the things outside of their control. Today hockey is played every winter Olympics, expanded to two American cities, and has countless video games and a growing fan base every year. With both men and woman’s hockey growing the sky is the limit for both the sport and the country who helped found it and bring it into the world

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