As a fan of sports and history, my mind first went too the key figures in every sport: Michale Jordan, Messie, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, and many more but without a doubt my favorite and most iconic in my opinion being Arnold Schwarzenegger and his influence on the world of Bodybuilding. Coming from a small town in Austria and becoming a household name across the world for his many attributes to politics, popular culture, and sports. Arnold is a true icon and has become a roll model for many prominent members in the sport of bodybuilding today. The research for this project was hard but very rewarding and entertaining the whole way. Having such a fondness for the sport and Arnold as a whole I was able to genuinely get excited for every piece of information I could find, as well as use many different forms of sources, apart form standard articles and books, such as the hit documentary “Pumping Iron”. With Arnold still being a prominent figure at many competitions throughout the year, it was fun to see new and upcoming stars look up to the icon himself.–fFsBub8oiBhon2de5GA1JazV