For my project, I chose to research the early history of ACC basketball. I wanted to take a deep dive into how the conference initially started and how it grew. Growing up in Chapel Hill, I was a huge college basketball fan (and still am), so I thought I could learn a lot, especially about some of the universities where I’m from, by researching this topic. I highlighted all of the significant events in the early history of the league from its creation in 1953 until 21 years later when NC State won their first championship. In my research, it was difficult to find photos of some events that I would have wanted photos for. Although that was the case, I was excited to find video for some of these older games that have been digitally preserved over time. I created a timeline of events, because I felt that it was the best way to help the audience follow what was going on.–YeFvqhVQTzgXCTbcdYA1mMkm