My digital/final project is on how sports have impacted Cleveland, Ohio. This video looks at the history of Cleveland, the change in its identity, and how professional sports teams impact the city economically. The video examines the economic impacts of Lebron James, Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland Browns affect Cleveland as a whole, and its downtown area.

I picked the video format because I felt as though it would be the best way to convey my topic. There is a lot of information to be told on how sports impact any city, and there is still on-going conversation about how these teams impact Cleveland. The discussion is surely to continue for a long time, in my video I aimed to summarize the discussion, Cleveland’s history, and the colossal importance of Lebron James and the Cleveland Browns have to this midwestern city. This video is intended for general audiences, and a lot of information is told throughout the five minute video. I like to look at my video as a quick synopsis of the sports discussion going on in Cleveland today.

I hope you all enjoy!

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