For my research project I chose to do it on the Chicago Cubs and the Curse of the Billy Goat. My thesis was the impact the curse had on the Cubs, but not on the fans, the Chicago Cub fans became more loyal throughout the curse. In my presentation I made sure to give information on the Cubs’ history. From when they started as a team all the way up to today. I not only gave information on the “Billy Goat” Curse, but also all of the other so called curses that they had throughout the years. I also tied in some research on superstitions and how that has effected some players and teams. The hardest part of this research project for me was finding radio broadcastings from the 1900s. I was able to find a few, along with some grainy video footage of some games too. As someone who has loved the Cubs their whole life, and cried when I watched them break the curse, this project was a lot of fun for me.

Please enjoy my presentation. You can either view it as is, or there is a feature as well where you can view it in powerpoint form.