For my research project I focused on esports which is video games as a spectator sport. My question is simple what is the history of esports and what makes it relevant to this day. I reviewed a lot of important moments in the history of esports to understand how it grew and what were the moments that made it. My discovery was that fandom small and large drove the scene forward much like fans of even the worst teams these people kept the spirit alive remained a part of their esports scene and progressed it. I aimed to prove that these fans and their love for these games made history and created their own genre of sport in doing so. Through multiple clips that have circulated the internet and extended beyond the bounds of just fans of the games and the players I strive to show both the growth of esports and the depth of the passion of those involved. The largest struggle I had with this is that it is still fresh as a topic esports is not very old and only in more recent years has it been getting scholarly recognition but I was able to find some great information about fandom as well as my own prior knowledge as a fan for many years.