Welcome to my Digital Project!

For my digital project, I have looked at the impacts that Fidel Castro had on Cuban baseball. This video looks at how Castro not only changed the view of baseball in Cuba but also how he transformed it. He created a new national identity around baseball unifying Cubans through the game. The video also looks at how Castro used baseball as a political force to display superiority over democracy and the United States. Castro used baseball to create a national identity and to promote his political ideologies.  

I chose the video format because I thought it would work best for my presentation and I wanted to try something new! As I began to edit, I realized that creating a video was much harder than I first thought. The reason is that time is limited and everything takes up time. Therefore, it was challenging at the beginning to create a cohesive order of videos that convey my argument in only five minutes. However, with many hours in front of my computer editing, I am confident that my video is able to surmise years of history and impacts from Castro in a matter of minutes. 

I hope you enjoy it!


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