The countries that have been significantly affected by sports and racism are Brazil and America. During the ancient times, which incorporates of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. For Brazil, the native activity has been common and known to many in sports. In America, some of the areas such as Mexico have been affected by racism. The same case when it comes to racism in America. Racism is an overall act that cannot be specified to be affecting a single area. However, it was rampant in America than Brazil since with time the spread slowed down in Brazil America. These are some of the key things that will help you know the right take in these matters in shaping the identification of different countries, may it be America or Brazil.


Sports in Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries that has been known as the origin of football. This argument is something that has drawn attention to many. Football was first introduced in Brazil in the late eighteenth century (Wood, D. (2019). This was so after the first student, Miller was induced to Bannister’s school at the age of 10. At a young age, he was curious and was into learning more about football. With the interest, he got the football interest. This marked the birth of football in Brazil. With this exposure, Miller became more experienced in dribbling, swerving, feigning, and use of speed in free kicks and heading. With this, he had the chance of interacting with clubs in 1892. On his return in 1888 at home. He brought back some of the equipment and the book rules that showed what they had to do when they were playing the game.

The rise of the nineteenth century met Brazil implementing some of the rules that they were taught by miller. To set their position in the football arena, the first club was formed in 1910 (McDougall, A. (2020).

Racism in Brazil

Being a country that has had interaction with many nations, racism may not be frequently experienced. However, in research that was carried out in Brazil in 1950, discrimination is something that was confirmed to be present and social imbalance among the local groups. This was so evident that some of the scholars such as Tulio Kahn keenly checked the racism facts in Brazil and came to a conclusion that though the racism cases were severe, people normalized that and no longer consider it in public. But it roams secretly. (Daniel, G. R., & Hernández, R. J. (2020). 


Sports in America

With the advancement in technology, America was not perfect in a single lane of sport. However, they were diverse. Apart from football, America took part in some of the games such as car racing, horse racing, and others. This is one of the things that makes sports in America be diverse. In America, sports date back to the sixteenth century. Since football in Latin America was not all that developed, some of the images were captured. Some of the images can be accessed via the following link; For instance, in 1780-1860. One of the sports that people took part in was horseracing (McElligott, R. (2019.) since then, sports in America continued to grow, with some more people specializing in car racing and some were induced in football.

Racism in America

Bing a country that is a combination of several races, racism is one of the practices that is widely experienced in America back in the 18th Century, the ranking of the people was based on the races. The whites would be given better treatment as well as the rank due to their color. (Gest, J. (2020.) the black people were always the slaves of the white people who were the lords and the free members of the society. In the 17th century, the blacks were taken as the people who civilization was almost impossible, hence they were meant to be the servants of the whites.


Acquiring a name in the society of the world label is something that has its roots deep in ancient history. This is why they cannot be exhausted under a single paper. However, these are some of the things that were evident and stood independently to identify the specific nations and give them the title and the stand that they have currently in the face of the world.


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