The one thing that really interested me about the USMNT-Mexico reading was when that Ochoa said that when he was one the US team he felt like he was “the Mexican” and when he was in Mexico he felt like the “gringo”. This seems to be something that is felt by a lot of dual nationalists or by kids with parents of different races, it seems that finding a sense of belonging is a struggle when there are two sets of cultures you love equally and for different reasons. It also surprises me that any player would choose the U.S. over Mexico as their parents and family would more likely want them to play for Mexico and the president in our country at one point was saying nasty things about Mexican and Hispanic people. “Sadly, the overwhelming amount of violent crime in our major cities is committed by blacks and Hispanics tough subject-must be discussed.”(Trump via Twitter). Canada and England have also taken two talented players from America and put them on their youth/international team with Jonathan David and Florian Balogun both being from New York but deciding not to join the USMNT team. The first thing about the Yunus Musah reading that surprised me was when it was said that he lacked technical ability at the beginning of his career and the first thing I noticed when I watch him play at Valencia was just how technically gifted he was, there a thousand of players who will play extremely hard but only a few with that technical ability and he has it, that just goes to show the work ethic that he had, his work ethic seems to come from his understanding of the hardships his parents went through to go from Ghana to Italy to the U.S. for him to have a better life and his appreciation for them and his faith as he is a devote Muslim who believes his religion is the most important thing in his life. Yunus has an early life so different from mine that it is hard to imagine how he was able to make his decision, I never moved out of the town I was raised in when I was younger so to move to so many different places would make it hard to call any place home. except for the soccer field where he said that as his home was not an object it was more the soccer field as that’s where he felt the most happiness, which could have been some of what made him decide to play for the U.S., it was his birthplace but it was also the place he would likely get to always he plays if he meant his potential, countries such as Italy and England rarely keep the same teams and are some of the toughest countries to make the final squad for. Reading this story made me have more admiration for Yunus for being able to make such a tough decision at such a young age but still never shying away from his love for Italy, England, and Ghana, it is always important to remember where you came from and to show love and appreciation for it. 

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