After reading these four articles from the week four section, there were many similarities between them. Firstly, between the two for February 7th, these were both focused on the Mexican soccer team vs. the American soccer team. While the Lizandro Claros Saravia article focused more on the unfair prejudice that he received for not being able to stay in America and his bounce back story and the family he met with his team in El Salvador, both the first and second article focused on soccer and how teams bring people together no matter the background. Another similarity between the two February 7th articles was how both accounts had the “American Team”, whether this was the actual soccer team or the American Dream, did not work for them and they moved on to better ways. In the first article that everyone has to read, a quote that supports this claim is when the author quotes, “The United States just doesn’t play like that, it doesn’t suit him. And he saw that early on. Ultimately, there were other factors of course — Efra really wanted to play for Mexico over anything else” ( This is similar to the second article because although Efra left the United States willingly and played for Mexico while Saravia was deported, both individuals saw the pros and cons of the situation and moved into better places.

Moving into the February 9th articles, these two also had many things that were similar about them. Firstly, both revolved around major events in the United States, the Super Bowl occurring this Sunday night and the 2026 World Cup taking place in the United States as well. The “Super Bowl as a Television Spectacle” had a reoccurring theme of how the World Cup is big, but not as big as other events such as cricket championships or the World Cup simply because of the range of audiences the World Cup reaches. This is similar to “What lessons can 2026 World Cup..” because both talk about reaching big audiences and what they can do to improve their platform. In the “What lessons…” article, the author talks about how they analyzed the ways Qatar assembled the World Cup and what the United States can do better based off the feedback that was received for the Qatar one. This relates to the Super Bowl article because the NFL has been analyzing the ways that the events such as cricket and soccer have reached so many people, and they have and are still making adjustments as to how they can improve their platform and reach more people.