The reading in week five for group A was titled “Meet the Babe Ruth of American Soccer”. This reading was looking at the great soccer player, Billy Gonsalves. This article goes through Billy’s life and career in soccer. It looked at the different aspects that made him a great player and that made him “the Babe Ruth of American Soccer”. The article examines his stats (that were recorded), big moments in his career, and the times of adversity that he fought through. A common theme in this article is how much of a key player Billy Gonsalves was, on every team and club he was a part of. A refreshing thing to hear about Billy was that he was a classy player. He was genuinely good and did not have to be arrogant about it. From this article it sounds as if he was a player that let his game do the talking for him. Another point made in this reading that showed that he was a great player was that he was a team player. While there were some statistics recorded, it was slim as to the depth of what all he really contributed. However, the stats that are available show that he had an incredible shot which gave him many goals. He also had a great amount of assists. Throughout this article it looks at what all Billy Gonsalves did that made him such a great player, but there is one part that stands out to me. Looking at the beginning of his career this quote caught my eye, “Young Billy quickly silenced the doubters, however, scoring a brilliant goal within two minutes of his debut on Christmas Eve versus Brooklyn. Gonsalves would score six goals in 20 regular season appearances with Boston that year, including a two-goal game versus Providence on April 22, 1928. Gonsalves also earned the first of his many championship medals, appearing as a sub in the ASL Championship match that year, where Boston upended the New Bedford Whalers, 4-2.” I think in every athlete’s career there is a moment when the odds are stacked against them or everyone is doubting them and they can either sink or swim. They could fail and make the road to their goals a lot harder, they could do just fine and be a solid/good player, or they could take full advantage, shut the critics up, and become great! I think this happens a lot of times in the beginning of an athlete’s career. Billy Gonsalves took advantage of the opportunity and became great.