These two articles, while discussing similar aspects of growing societal initiatives, sporting events, and religion discusses similar things, there were also major aspects which differed from one another. For the first example, the article titled: “The Early Evolution of Modern Sport in Latin America” discussed mostly about the rise of soccer, through different people such as George Whitehill Chamberlain and his help with the creation of the YMCA. While the second article, ‘Changing the cultural landscape’, does include many things about the rise of sports, it mostly talks about the rise of economical power through Great Britain and how this influenced and impacted the wealth and status that came to Brazil later. Both articles discuss how Brazil, unlike other countries which focused on their economic status and were known for that, excelled in their sporting and education foundations. “The Early Evolution of Modern Sport in Latin America” discussed the origin of education in Brazil through people such as Chamberlain and the inspiration that Presbyterianism had on the culture in Brazil. This religious portions of Brazil came from America and from missionaries coming to Brazil and sharing the gospel. This relates to the second article, “Changing the Cultural Landscape” because both talk about the impact that other countries had on Brazil. “Changing…” discussed how Britian had a major impact regarding the sporting culture in Brazil. A quote in “Changing…” that supports this claim is when the author says, “We must thank the English people because they invented all modern sports”. Although this article could be biased, it is true to say that Latin American, especially countries such as Brazil and Argentina were influenced by the sporting, economic, and education aspects of Britain which both articles discuss in great detail. “Changing…” also talks in depth about the middle class of Latin America and the impact this group had on the growth of sports. Additionally, this relates to “The Early Evolution…” when the article says that the YMCA formed in Brazil was aimed towards the middle class boys in order for them to shape the art of sport when they get to the age. Both articles focus on the impact that the average citizen made, while the upper class were the ones that attended the sporting events, both articles suggest that it was the middle and lower class which were the dominant figures in these sporting events. Another similarity between the two articles is the ways that sports had an impact on the society through the influence of Britain. One quote in “Changing…” is when the article states that Britain was the dominant economic foreign power in Latin America. This goes to show that although Britain dominated in the economic aspects of life, Latin America took it upon itself, with the help of American missionaries and the development of the YMCA, to become the greatest empire they can be. “The Early Evolution…” talks about an empire of Brazil, Pedro II, who helped abolish slavery in 1888 and develop the Education program like no other emperor before.