This was a very interesting reading. It was not so much just about baseball. But other sports and the rise that they all had down in Puerto Rico. Baseball was one of the first sports brought to Puerto Rico and a lot of people caught on and enjoyed it. It was really a gateway for people later down the road to have opportunities to make it to the Major leagues because it became very popular down there. “the first baseball game on the island of Puerto Rico had been played in 1896 by the sons and nephews of a Spanish Army officer who had been stationed in Cuba”(6). From this point on you saw a huge growth in the popularity of baseball. It also helped having American troops stationed in Puerto Rico help grow the game of baseball and teach people on the island For the most part baseball really never had a downfall in Puerto Rico and it just kept growing. There were times where things were tough when going through a depression and the situation with America going into world war two. But they were able to get around that and keep the game popular. You saw baseball along with other sports really grow in schools having organized games throughout the weeks. A lot of schools were putting a lot of time and effort to make sports something that was important and meant something to people. You were able to see the growth in schools and popularity of sports grow with how much time people put into making them organized and not just pick up games that did not mean anything.