“Soccer, like samba and carnival, has proved “excellent terrain” for the cultivation of a national identity.”

The history of Brazilian that is known as the “beautiful game” and is very flashy just like Carnival and has impressive foot work like Samba. Its like watching Ronaldinho cut his way through a defense and you would swear their was a smile on his face.

Soccer is one of the practices that “make Brazil, Brazil.””

This reminds me of watching the world cup when Richalison goal (https://youtu.be/kL0IkvLrQLM couldn’t embed because of FIFA) and the announcer shouts “Now, that is Brazil!”.

“The History of Brazilian soccer has included not only exceptional players and teams, but also an evolving sense of exceptionalism”

the rise of Brazil soccer in the world from wins in 1952 to its latest win in 2002, 50 years after its first. it also exports some of the most soccer players in the world. it also has grown economically during these 50 years. (source: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Brazilian-GDP-Growth-from-1950-to-2015_fig1_335830885)