For the choose your own story blog post I decided to read more about the San Antonio Spurs NBA team and how its importance to the city is arguably more than any other NBA team.

For a city the size of San Antonio it is a little odd that they are home to only one pro team in the 6 major sports leagues in the United States. This means that most of the attention from sports fans in San Antonio goes to the Spurs. The Spurs’ impact on the city and its culture has been felt since the team moved there from Dallas in 1973 and joined the NBA in 1976 during the ABA and NBA merger. The passionate fan group, the Baseline Bums, is unique to the Spurs and helps rally fan support no matter how good the team is. The Baseline Bums are integral to the identity of the San Antonio Spurs and they are known for their colorful costumes and chants, and they are a fixture at Spurs games. The Baseline Bums are essential to the Spurs because they help to create a lively and energetic atmosphere at games, which in turn can help to motivate the players on the court. Even I as a casual NBA fan and fan of the Hornets have heard of this fan group before.

The Spurs are also important to the city because they generate significant economic activity. Home games at the AT&T Center attract thousands of fans from around the region, who spend money on tickets, food, and merchandise. The team also employs hundreds of people, including players, coaches, and support staff, which helps to stimulate the local economy. Additionally, the Spurs are an important source of civic pride for San Antonians, and their success helps to boost the city’s image nationally and internationally.

To me, the Spurs organization is a model franchise for the rest of the league. Its history, combined with the pride the locals have, and the team’s reluctance to become a “superteam” by way of free agency gives the Spurs a unique identity. As a Hornets fan, I could only dream that my team can reach the heights that the Spurs have.