This was a really interesting read on the come up of the San Antonio Spurs. This reading was not so much on the basketball team but about the community and people that helped build and turn the San Antonio Spurs into a passionate and caring organization. San Antonio was a place in the 1960s that had no major sports team in its city and San Antonio is one of the most populated cities in America. So the city of San Antonio wanted to bring a professional team of some sorts to their city. It got started off with them bringing an ABA team to the city. The ABA did not last long but it was a start for the city of San Antonio having a professional team there. What made their basketball team so special in San Antonio was this certain group of people called the baseline bums that sat in section twenty. They were the heart and soul of the basketball team. They were so ruthless and would do anything for their team. They would do anything from fight the other team, throw stuff at the opposing team, and heckle the crap out of the opponents. This went on until the early 90s when the prices went up and built a new arena. To be a baseline bum you had to attend at least 80 percent of the home games to show your love for the team.