For this post I chose to read the article on the San Antonio Spurs. I found this to be very interesting because I have an older brother that is a Spurs fan so I grew up watching them quite a bit. This article talks a lot about specifically the fans of the Spurs organization. The fans were given the name of “Baseline Bums” and became notorious for being the rowdiest fans in the sport. They developed a culture for not only their own city and team, but for the sport in that area. They are described as loud, entertaining, “far from ordinary,” and “rowdy.” They gained popularity in the HemisFair Arena which was pivotal for them because it was a “prerequisite for the cultivation of a collective identity between supporters and teams.” Having this space caused a shift in the teams culture. The investment that everyone had in the team helped to produce the “noisiest arena in the league.” The “Baseline Bums” caused a shift in the league through not only the ABA but also when they shifted to the NBA. They were praised for their devotion to the team and the sport, even if it was poor behavior, which is different than the view that many have in the sport today. Eventually their “Reign” ended, but their legacy as a fan base will be remembered and felt throughout the league.