“With the United States’ entrance into World War II in late 1941, unprecedented opportunities for women emerged, including the chance to play baseball—professionally.”

I found this to be very interesting because women playing in baseball leagues came after women playing in softball leagues, but baseball had been around for longer. During that time period, softball was more of an equal playing field where women could really make a name for themselves and the fact that now women could play baseball but it would be seen as completely different from women’s softball leagues is crazy. This new league for baseball was marketed as ladylike and that meant women of light complexion to keep up with society’s standards.

“Regardless if women came from the United States, Canada, and even Cuba, their community was special to them. “The league gave the players a rare chance to form bonds with other women as friends, teammates, advisors, and conspirators…They grew to trust each other and depend on each other.”

Before reading this portion of the article, I thought it would be the opposite based on how strict the AAGPBL had been about women fitting into “American femininity.” It shows how sports became a place of escape and comfort from the rest of the world. Even though only a select few Cuban girls got to join the AAGPBL, the fact that they grew close with their teams and grew bonds shows how a team can be a family as well. That is not to say they did not face hardships or discrimination along the way, but the fact that some of the players favorite memories was the bus ride with all their teammates is pretty special.

“…her teammates made an effort to help her with problems they encountered from the language barrier, rather it was ordering food in a restaurant or having issues with her hotel room.

This quote was discussing Isabel Alveraz who struggled with a language barrier on her team. The language barrier was not something truly accounted for at the time since there was still so much discrimination, so it caused stress on her when trying to communicate with her teammates on and off the field. Her teammates tried communicating which I think is important because it shows that they truly cared for her and wanted to help in that stress. While it did not do much, I think the effort is worth something and again shows the true bond that sports can bring between people.