This was a very interesting read about the first women to play baseball. Before reading this I had never heard of women playing baseball at the professional level ever. So reading this article gave me a lot of new knowledge about the history of women playing baseball. Also adding on to that the importance of race in this situation with women playing baseball. What stood out to me the most in this article was how hard of a time Cuban women had coming to the United States to play baseball. It was not that they were not good enough to play but more to do with being homesick and not feeling comfortable in the United States. There were a lot of great women athletes that came from Cuba. But a lot of them only played for one or two seasons then left and went home for good. They did not enjoy the atmosphere in the United States and just got homesick. Just a fact to add on to this the first women to play in the Major leagues was Ginny Baker and she played for the San Diego Padres.