For the week 8 blog post group b read “Cuban Babe (Ruth): The Story of Seven Cubana Women in Professional Baseball.” this article discusses the careers of seven female Cuban baseball players playing during World War 2 in the American Girls Professional Baseball League. What strikes me the most about this article is the overwhelming optimism of the author’s argument and tone, as he views the women’s league as a major success for both racial and women equity in baseball “Amidst the marginalization for these women, it is evident that women in the AAGPBL did embrace a small, select group of women from Cuba. “From the perspective of Latina ballplayers, the league must be viewed as a tremendous success.” Overall I really enjoyed reading the article as it highlights a little know aspect of a well-known part of American sports history. The article highlights the reasons for the creation of the Women’s League as the talent shortage during World War Two, which is widely known through the 1992 film “A League of Their Own”. expanding on the history of the league by discussing the racial discrimination and breakthroughs that came about during the League’s run is extraordinary.  If I was to critique anything within the article it would be a lack of criticism of the racial discrimination that was shown to more outwardly Hispanic and african american women, the article frames the league as a success regardless of this, but I feel that it largely ignores it to further that authors argument.