“The cholitas luchadoras were only recently introduced to Bolivian lucha libre, and their success has led several figures to claim credit.”

I found this quote to be interesting because many people have now tried to claim the idea as theirs and that there is not a definite answer. Also, that all of the people who claim the idea were men because in my head I had the idea of a woman coming up with the idea based off of men fighting.

“Cholita wrestling is demanding as sport, but it is primarily an entertaining and titillating show, enlisting the spectator as coparticipant.”

Fans are very much involved in this sport and there is more storytelling involved than in other sports. Fans can let loose in these environments and in a sense they get their anger and yelling out through these matches. While getting that out, they are also getting entertainment and pride in who wins and who they pull for. These matches are like putting on a full show whereas with other sports that is not the case. In other sports they just go out and compete but with this sport there are many different aspects involved.

“The disruptive redefinitions of the cholita that she and other catchascanistas introduce are reminders of the failure of past projects to contain and define people like her or to make them assimilate and disappear.”

These women in this profession are doing a lot more than putting on a show. They are redefining the way they have been seen for many many years. They are not just staying at home and doing the chores and taking care of the children, but they are making a name for themselves as well as a living. These women are inspiring to many and fighting for a new view of women in their country.