Golf as a sport remains one that down to the casual level has some level or separation in the genders. From professional play all the way down to where women are suggested to tee off it stands out in the sport. As an older sport golf started as a wealthy male pastime until the legendary Mary Queen of Scots who holds the claim as the first female golfer.

A big connection made in Hugo CerĂ³n-Anaya’s book Privilege at Play is between class and golf. For men and women golf is a sport played by the wealthy upper class and a small amount of middle class. This factor also has its part in the lack of women in golf as the upper class is mostly populated by men.

One of the many parts of golf is the caddie. A caddie is a hired assistant on the golf course and they are not cheap

From my own personal experience working at multiple golf courses in multiple positions even here in America the nicer the club the lower the population of women. Even at the lower level clubs the golfers were predominantly men and of an upper class.

Golf remains as a traditional sport for the wealthy and men with professional play being primarily male with the women’s league lacking the same level of attention.