In the story about gender on the golf course, it follows a women golfer around trying to learn from other women about the discrimination they face in golf and in other aspects of their life. The author asks Miguel, a male golfer if there are any upper-class women that are golfing on the course, Miguel replies there are rarely any. They come across Claudia who is an executive and she tells the author of all the discrimination she and other women have to deal with for simply being women. This idea perplexes Miguel as he did not know women dealt with this issue, this made me think of the time I told my roommate that Augusta had only in our lifetime allowed women to get their own membership there, he had no clue that there was any type of rules that were that discriminatory while we were alive. Women dealt with unfair restrictions on playing time which meant they were not allowed to be on the course and the men would tell them to stay in their place if the women attempted to challenge them. The women were from the same class and were the same race as the male golfers who were able to golf whenever while the women were not, the only difference was that they were women and the men did not want gender norms to change and for women to be working and playing sports equal to them. In conclusion, golf and sports, in general, are just one of the many ways women are discriminated against simply for being women, having things like “ladies’ day” seems inherently discriminatory and women and men should be able to co-exist in golf and every sport.

Augusta National women’s membership: A look at every female member of Augusta (that we know of!) – Sports Illustrated Golf: News, Scores, Equipment, Instruction, Travel, Courses

Augusta National admits women for first time in club’s 80-year history | The Masters | The Guardian

Augusta National admits women for first time in club's 80-year history |  The Masters | The Guardian
first two women given membership to Augusta

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Lorena Ocoha: first Mexican golfer male or female to be ranked No. 1 in the world