stirred patriotic expressions from the local media and became a touchstone for international American football games that followed.

Cubans playing American football is not a sentence id think id read due to the embargo America set and its difficult history of the occupations in the early 20th century protecting American companies investments in the region.

American football, a sport played primarily within Havana’s elite social athletic club culture, gets marginalized or dismissed by scholars as part of U.S. cultural imperialism.

U.S. Cultural imperialism is still present today over 100 years later although the Cubans may not be aware of it due to the 50 year long embargo on the island, it makes sense American football is no longer associated with Cuba like boxing and baseball, because it was played among the elites of the society and after Castro’s revolution and his communist ideas to stomp out the Bourgeoisie.

International sport contests, such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup, play an important role in promoting national identity.

This important roll that national sports play in nation building we got to see this past winter during the world cup 2022 when the country that hosted it was Qatar, and no one expected it when they were chosen, but Qatar needed this tournament to position itself on the global stage as a nation for more then just oil, but as a financial and tourist center, much like Dubai.

The starting men’s national football team of Cuba pose for a photograph before the Concacaf Nations League A tournament match between Cuba and USA at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex in George Town, Cayman Islands on November 18, 2019.