I read the text “sparring in the white house Theordor Roosvelt, race, boxing”. This was a very interesting read to me. I learned some things I have never heard of. Boxing was always thought of as a lower classed sport for a long time. But that eventually changed over time. Box has really evolved from where it started. Rules started coming into play in 1889. That is where a time limit was set and how many rounds there were. Also instead of fist fighting boxing gloves were created so the blow you took wouldn’t be so bad. Theordor Roosvelt went to Harvard and joined the boxing team there. It talked about how he was never the best but he really enjoyed the game. Even when he became president he still enjoyed boxing. Which led to him bowing in the white house.”Regardless of his level of competency, Roosevelt boxed even after Harvard, becoming a close friend and pupil of Mike Donovan. At one point, Roosevelt even sparred inside the White House. And instead of sparring only as a way to stay physically active, Roosevelt took the sessions seriously, at one point being punched so hard that his left eye’s retina detached”. This just showed how seriously he took it. The white house did cover this up for the longest time so people would not know he could barely see out of one of his eyes.