This week’s reading was about the history of App State’s men’s soccer. I thought this reading was very cool. It touched on a variety of topics around the early days of App State soccer. It opens with discussing the lack of popularity of soccer in America during the mid 20th century and how this indifference towards it was especially prominent in Appalachia. It states that for a while the only 2 soccer goals in Boone were the ones owned by the university. However, this began to change with Appstates hiring of Vaughn Christian as Appstates head men’s soccer coach. It then went on to discuss the winning culture that Vaughn cultivated at App during his time here as head coach and how he went about doing so. There was a lot to digest after reading this article. To me, the first was how crazy and lucky Vaughn Christian was for meeting the Nigerian Minister of Education while at Vanderbilt. It seemed to me that tapping into the pool of talent of Nigeria was a defining aspect of App’s success during the 70s and 80s as a program. The next is just realizing how much business mentality and money can ruin college sports. I remember last week Professor Sibaja referenced how in a lot of ways college is run like a business by business-minded people. The gradual banishment of App state soccer is a perfect example of this at play. In the reading, it states the the university’s decision to limit the resources given to men’s soccer was in the interest of giving more resources to more profitable sports such as football or basketball. I understand that in a capitalist society finances and profit are essentially the biggest determining factor behind decisions made by institutes but seeing that at play in scenarios like this is just frustrating. My uneducated beliefs on the purpose of universities is that their interests and goals shouldn’t lie within the realm of making copious amounts of money for the sake of expansion and more money. It’s to provide students with a diversified experience for the sake of the Growth of the students, and I believe sports and athletics play a huge part in that. More specifically the limiting of sports deemed unprofitable seems to be in direct contradiction with the expanding and enriching of student lives. As it discredits the contributions made by people such as Vaughn Chritian and Mike Mckibbin. I also found it crazy that an app state player has the NCAA single season scoring record.