“The only two soccer goals that existed in Watauga County were the ones on the college campus in Boone.”

This stuck out to me because I grew up in Mooresville and played soccer until middle school. I swear it was the soccer capital where I am from, there are complexes pretty much at every park. Then I thought about high country and was really thinking about and realized the only one I can think about are the State Farm lot “fields” I think there is maybe 2 sets of soccer goals there. I just thought this was really interesting because soccer is such a big sport that is played everywhere. but there are so few fields up here.

“The county recreation department didn’t own soccer ball…”

I think this really goes to show the community surrounding soccer at this time. I feel like nobody is going to be interested in it if they aren’t involved from a young age. I think that this relates to the quote above because if there is nowhere to play and nothing to play with then it won’t be a huge sport.

‘Long story short, it sounds like there aren’t any current plans to build an on-campus facility for the men and women’s soccer program”

I think this is interesting because the team obviously proved that they could make a name for themselves and then they did not get a lot out of it. I think that the school could have done a whole lot more for the programs and helped the succeed like they do other sports. I also think this is part of the reason we don’t even have a mens soccer team anymore. There was no true investment into the programs to keep new talent coming in and the program alive.