My name is Andrew Thomas and I am from Waxhaw, North Carolina. I am a secondary history education major with plans to get a masters in history. I love just about any sport but more specifically soccer and volleyball. I have been playing soccer since I was 4 and still love a good game. One unique thing about me is that I am an MK or missionary kid and lived in Indonesia for 6 and a half years. SO… yea… that’s a thing… lol. And no I can not speak Indonesia anymore. I have been back in the US for 8 years now and have lost almost all of that language… Yup! There’s a little about me!

Biography - Christian Stokes

Hello everyone, my name is Christian Stokes. I’m from Greenville, NC and I am currently a senior majoring in History- secondary education. Im excited for this class because I love history and sports. While I grew up playing baseball, basketball and hockey, I really enjoy learning about and playing lots of other sports. I am a huge Hurricanes, Cubs, and College football fan. Other than sports and history, I enjoy going camping and traveling. Looking forward to seeing all of you and actually being in a classroom (fingers crossed).  

Hello all, I’m from a small two stoplight town called Norwood located in the Stanly county area of North Carolina. I am currently a senior journalism major at App State with the ultimate goal of covering sports for a living. On top of being a journalism major I also am a student intern for App States athletic department where I have obtained hands on experience working around the sports world. My interest in sports spawns from a young age when all I did was play games. While my early desire was to be a professional baseball player, realizations came quick and I just had the desire to stay connected with the games I love in a different way. Ultimately, I hope to obtain a better understanding of sports as a whole from this class. I want to learn the origins of these great games we all love and be able to better respect them for what they are. Lastly, I know this might make me enemies from the beginning but I am a diehard Yankees fan and will defend 27 rings with a passion.

ME and my pup Indie

Besides serving as the instructor of this class, my sports background includes (among other things) 6 years of coaching high school soccer, researching fútbol in Argentina, and tearing it up in the High Country Bronze Age division (I’ll let you guess if “tearing it up” means my game, or my knees).

As a sports historian, I still enjoy watching games and following the latest news, but the more you research sports, the more you discover their ugly inner workings. FIFA is an obvious case, but the IOC, NFL, NCAA, and NBA aren’t too far behind. Still, following sports is a habit that’s hard to give up–especially in how different leagues have reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sport is human drama (or soap opera); it thrills and excites us and sometimes leaves us quite depressed. And now that I have kids, it’s fun watching them follow their favorite teams or compete in high school sports.

One great perk of being a sport historian is that I (partly) conduct field research by attending matches …

stadium picture Argentina
A “research” site: Argentinos Juniors’ stadium (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Hi, My name is Riley Price and I am from just down the mountain in a town called Hudson, North Carolina and its about 30 minutes from Boone. I am a Senior and I am a Secondary History Ed. major. Sports has been a big part of my life, I grew up and still am a fan of the 6x Super Bowl Champs, the New England Patriots (Yes, I miss Brady and Gronk, but at least we still have Edelman). I am also a fan of the Boston Celtics and hopefully one day I can go to Boston and Foxborough and see both teams. I just recently got engaged to the love of my life and my best friend, so I am trying to juggle work, school, and wedding planning, so this should be and interesting semester. I look forward to this class and I hope everyone does well.

Me and my now fiancée

My name is Liam Ellett and I am from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. It is a small town about 30 minutes South of Raleigh. I plan to major in Economics! Playing sports was a big part of my life until a back injury unfortunately brought an end to them for me. I hope to learn a lot about the impact that sports has on our normal everyday history. Cars, animals, and guitar all have a special place in my heart.

Thanks for choosing to take HIS 3310 “Sports & the Making of the Americas.” I truly hope this is an exciting course and worth your time.

This semester, we will explore how sports shaped how people see themselves. The construction of identities across the Americas is the central focus of this course, but not the only one. By using sports as our lens, we will discover the transnational history of the Americas and explore the bonds/ties/connections across various regions, nations, and peoples.

What to do before the semester begins?

Take time to explore the different sections of this website; all information is also provided on the course syllabus (a .pdf version is also provided on the About page of this website).

  • Syllabus: Take some time to carefully go through the course syllabus.
  • Readings: In particular, read the blogging assignment in order to make sense of the readings for the semester. You will be asked to blog six (6) times, with at least two peer comments on those weeks. That means you will have 6-7 weeks when you don’t have to blog. Regardless, each week you should familiarize yourself with the topics and main arguments for each reading selection.
    • Please remember: the class will be split into two groups: Tuesday and Thursday groups. You only have to read the selections for your assigned group (plus any “All” selections). [Assigned Groups forthcoming based on email responses]
  • Books: We have three course textbooks. Two are rentals, and only one book (Fútbolera) to purchase via the App State Bookstore or Amazon/Ebay — either hardcover or paperback. Make sure to have them ready.
  • WordPress & Zotero: Over the next few weeks, I will post tutorial videos on how to get started with joining the WordPress Course Website, and a Zotero 101. Make sure to watch all videos and get set up no later than by Week 02.

See you on the field! – Prof. Sibaja