Book / Article Reading: A Note-Taking Template

Course Textbooks: Purchase [CTP] & Rental [CTR]

  1. [CTP] Elsey, Brenda, and Joshua Nadel. Futbolera: A History of Women and Sports in Latin America. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2019.
  2. [CTR] Miller, Patrick, ed. The Sporting World of the Modern South. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2002.
  3. [CTR] Sheinin, David. M.K., ed. Sports Culture in Latin American History. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015.

Top 10 Recommended Books Published by Historians Over the Last Decade

  • Demas, Lane. Game of Privilege: An African American History of Golf. 1 edition. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2017.
  • Elsey, Brenda. Citizens and Sportsmen: Fútbol and Politics in 20th-Century Chile. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2011.
  • Ingrassia, Brian M. The Rise of Gridiron University: Higher Education’s Uneasy Alliance with Big-Time Football. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2015.
  • Kittleson, Roger. The Country of Football: Soccer and the Making of Modern Brazil. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2014.
  • Moore, Louis. I Fight for a Living: Boxing and the Battle for Black Manhood, 1880-1915. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2017.
  • Nadel, Joshua H. Fútbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2014.
  • Ruck, Rob. Raceball: How the Major Leagues Colonized the Black and Latin Game. Boston: Beacon Press, 2012.
  • Sotomayor, Antonio. The Sovereign Colony: Olympic Sport, National Identity, and International Politics in Puerto Rico. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2018.
  • Swanson, Ryan. The Strenuous Life: Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of the American Athlete. New York: Diversion Books, 2019.
  • Witherspoon, Kevin B. Before the Eyes of the World: Mexico and the 1968 Olympic Games. 1 edition. DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 2014.

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