Pacing / Key Dates

Pacing Guide

Individual Research Project
  • Jan 16-23: Browse books & research articles for potential research projects
  • Jan 24-25: email list of 3-5 possible research topics
  • Jan 26-Feb 5: create a list of 8-10 secondary sources (academic literature)
  • Feb 6-8: finalize list of secondary sources, cited in Chicago Style bibliography, and submit
  • Feb 9-19: research primary sources
  • Feb 20-22: finalize list of primary sources, cited in Chicago Style bibliography, and submit
  • Feb 23-Mar 2: develop annotated bibliography on the 5 key sources
  • Mar 3-7: finalize annotated bibliography, sources cited in Chicago Style bibliography, and submit
  • Mar 8-Apr 8: work on your research project (digital tool)
  • April 9-15: edit research project for presentation
  • Apr 16-18: present research
  • Apr 19-25: implement final edits and submit
Weekly Readings
  • Always read your weekly selection the week before (take notes) and, if you will submit a weekly reading analysis, do so anytime … but no later than by Monday before we discuss the readings on Tuesday.
  • Ex: Read “Week 04 – Old Boys Schools & Muscular Christianity” during week 03 (Jan 29-Feb 2), and post no later than by Feb 5 ahead of our discussions on Feb 6 & 8
Book Club
  • Jan 16-23: Browse the four book cub options
  • Jan 24: Submit choice for book club
  • Jan 25-Feb 20: Read Introduction and first two chapters, take notes
  • Feb 21-29: Draft, edit, and submit your reaction-analysis for the Introduction and first two chapters
  • Mar 1-18: Finish reading book and taking notes
  • Mar 19-26: Draft, edit, and submit formal book review
  • NEW DUE DATE: Submit by April 2

Spring 2024 Deadlines

  • Jan 16—First day of class
  • Jan 25—Last day to submit list of 3-5 potential topics for individual research
  • Feb 8—Last day to submit list of 8-10 secondary sources
  • Feb 22—Last day to submit list of primary sources (individual items and/or digitized collections)
  • Feb 29—Last day to submit “Book Club” blog post, by 11:59pm – a reaction to the Introduction and first two chapters of your book club selection
  • Mar 7—Last day to submit Annotated Bibliography (5 key secondary sources)
  • Mar 11-15—Spring Break-No classes
  • Mar 25—Last day to drop a full-semester class and use a career drop; withdraw from term.
  • Mar 26—Last day to submit your Book Club Digital Final Analysis – Book Review
  • Mar 29—State Holiday; University Closed
  • Apr 16 & 18—Presentations of Individual Research and Project
  • Apr 25—Absolute final day to submit your Individual Research Digital Project Assignment
  • Apr 30—Last day of class
  • Apr 30—Last day to finalize Course Readings Assignment
  • May 2—Reading Day
  • May 9—Final Exam 11 am-1:30 pm; final exam essay due by 1:30 pm
  • May 13—Final grades posted no later than by 1:00pm

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