Key Semester Dates

Spring 2023

  • Jan 17—First day of class
  • Jan 23—Last day to drop a first-half semester class or full-semester class with no academic penalty. For Full-Semester classes: last day to add a class, change the section of a class, change a course from credit to audit, change a course from audit to credit, or choose the pass-fail option. Last day to reduce your class schedule and be eligible for a refund
  • Jan 27—Last day to submit list of 3-5 potential topics for individual research
  • Feb 10—Last day to submit list of 8-10 secondary sources
  • Feb 24—Last day to submit list of primary sources (individual items and/or digitized collections)
  • Feb 27—Submit required Week 07 (“Choose Your Story”) analysis by 11:59pm.
  • Mar 2—Last day to submit “Book Club” blog post, by 11:59pm – a reaction to the Introduction and first chapter(s) of your book club selection
  • Mar 10—Last day to submit Annotated Bibliography (4-5 key sources)
  • Mar 13-17—Spring Break-No classes
  • Mar 24—Last day to submit your Book Club Digital Final Analysis/Review
  • Mar 27—Last day to drop a full-semester class and use a career drop; Last day to withdraw from term
  • Apr 3-17—Early Registration for Currently Enrolled Students
  • Apr 7—State Holiday; University Closed
  • April 14—Aim to submit your final Individual Research Digital Project Assignment
  • April 18 & 20—Presentations of Individual Research and Project
  • May 2—Last day of class
  • May 2—Absolute final day to submit your Individual Research Digital Project Assignment
  • May 2—Last day to finalize Course Readings Assignment
  • May 4—Reading Day
  • May 11—Final Exam 8-10:30am; final exam essay due by 10:30am
  • May 12-13—Commencement ceremonies
  • May 12-13—Final grades due 1:00pm

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