I would have never anticipated our own universities quite impressive history in the sport of soccer, Especially today, where it seems to be almost entirely forgotten. The fact that we were at one time a national powerhouse of a team, comfortably sitting in the top twenty five best in the country, and even cracked into the top ten is simply astonishing. I feel that it is a complete shame that our university doesn’t recognize (or at least attempt to make notice of) this incredible piece of our history.

I’ve been to Ted Mac a good few times, it’s funny that I never knew who it was named after, and the incredible team he was a part of. If I’m being honest, I thought it was either an old coach at the university or possibly named after some unrelated donor who didn’t have any actual ties to the university team. Similar to never actually learning of the field’s name, I have never once heard from anyone how for a period of time, our university possessed what was quite literally the greatest soccer talent in the country. The names of these players and coaches, the trials they faced, the success they achieved, and most importantly, their stories and their legacy seem to be, besides this piece, entirely forgotten, or at least unrecognized.

Learning of the, for lack of better words, betrayal our men’s soccer team endured at the hands of the university is quite disgusting in my opinion, I know, it’s a bit harshly worded, but utterly true. To waste such potential and cut funds is a joke. Appalachian State is a division one university, to be cutting legacy programs which built the reputation of this university is criminal, and I am amazed that the university didn’t suffer a wider backlash for this decision. I feel that the students and staff of this university should be made fully aware of this sport’s true impact on our school, it’s rich history, and the crushing fact that it is no longer here. Soccer is getting more popular stateside anyways, and with the unprecedented growth we have now, fielding a team again is a golden opportunity which I so desperately hope App State takes.