In recent times App State has begun to climb the sports rankings with the most notable being football, but probably the most surprising basketball. With that being said the story of App State Soccer is honestly disappointing. A once prominent sport here at App State, in which App State would dominate the conference really, and even knock several much larger schools at the time such UNC. Honestly, after I read the article I actually decided to look into it a bit more closely, which really resulted in nothing. However the most common answer that I did see was “cost cuts.” To me those words really just sound like an excuse. 

With all of this new information I really began to wonder, what was the real reason for the sport to be cut, my best guess was unpopularity. This is not to say soccer is an unpopular sport worldwide, I just believe that locally soccer was an unpopular sport. Then you combine that local unpopularity with the cut, it really begins to make sense as to why App State soccer lost its prominence.  However I honestly think that with App State’s substantial growth over the past few years that there could be really the possibility of App State soccer reaching its pinnacle again is not out of the question.